Delivery: Where & When

Soon we will bike the entirety of DC, but we can't keep up quite yet, so we have adopted a hybrid model of delivery. 

If you are in the green zone, that's our guaranteed bike zone!  

If you are in the gray zone we will still try our best to bike, but if we can't do it, we will go by motorized vehicle (a car) while we build our strength!

Delivery days and times:  

Northwest, DC

  • Monday & Friday: 10AM-12PM 

    Northeast, DC:

    • Monday 10AM-12PM 

    Southeast, DC and Southwest, DC:

    • Friday 10-12PM 

      If you need a different time slot just send us an email at -we will do our best to accommodate!

      Our delivery zones: Delivery Zone Interactive Map.

      If you fall outside our delivery zone but really want these products please send us an email at