About Us

Hi DC neighbors!

Welcome to our little, local shop of innovative, premium, and kind foods! 

At Oats & Kind we believe in nutrient-dense eating, and healthy-planet choices.  We also believe in keeping things exciting with new products coming in weekly and others departing (so if you like it, get it while it lasts)!  

Here's how we work:  

We use our 15+ years of experience as health-nuts to thoughtfully curate a collection of high quality products from socially and environmentally conscious brands.  We take only those items which, through their purchase, will have major environmental impacts in the form of reducing food waste.  How?  We source products at risk of going to waste for crazy reasons such as the following: 

  • Change in packaging
  • Surplus: a company simply produced more than they need
  • Cosmetic imperfection: a small dent in a box
  • Short-er shelf life: this can mean 6-9 months remaining for many products 

We then take our eco-friendly mission one step further by biking deliveries whenever we can.  This not only means less carbon emissions, it also means no excess packaging!  No bubble wrap or plastic bags -- just a simple 100% recycled brown paper grocery bag.  

Finally, as a thank you for making our world a little healthier, we set our prices 20-40% below retail to allow you to discover not one better product, but an entire pantry full of better products.  

Thanks for making an impact with us,

Leslie, Founder, Oats & Kind